The Majestic Mir’aj


He ﷻ drew you ﷺ ever close that night
To a nearness never granted before

Zam Zam you ﷺ purified that night
To purity it never possessed before

Buraaq quivered in awe that night
Awe like this it never felt before

You ﷺ lit up all the heavens so bright
By your ﷺ light never created before

He ﷻ expanded and filled your ﷺ chest with light
To reach a station never traversed before

You ﷺ surpassed all others in flight
To Majesty ﷻ never witnessed before

You ﷺ entered the sacred sphere that night
To His ﷻ prescance no being ever felt before

You ﷺ saw and did not swerve in sight
At vision of Him ﷻ never seen before

He ﷻ enveloped you ﷺ in closeness that night
At two bows length never reached before

You ﷺ spent tender moments during that night
In a proximity never experienced before

Creation stood ‘still’ in submission that night
For no Beloved had been loved like this before

– Tahir Mukhtar –

Mi’rājun Nabi ﷺ


When Allah named you ‘the most eminent of emissaries’, we became the most noblest of nations!

When you attained the ‘Station of Arrival’, ascending until you reached the point of ‘two bows’ lengths or nearer, we were able to dream beyond the skies!

– ‎Mi‘rājun Nabi ﷺ –

The rivers


The fresh-looking and well-clad rivers ran through the well-trimmed bowers;
It was a rare visual feast of stormy waves, rushing waterfalls and bubbling showers.

– Hadaiq E Bakhshish –

The unique guest from Arabia.


When the supreme Prophet ﷺ went to his journey to the Divine Throne of Allah,
There were very special arrangements made to welcome the unique guest from Arabia ﷺ

– Hadaiq E Bakhshish –

The clouds…


The clouds spontaneously advanced and the hearts engaged in a peacock dance;
To honour the Prophet in a creative stance the Kabaa gazed at him in a lyrical trance.

– Hadaiq E Bakhshish –

The preparations…


The old white-floor of moonlight was removed as it was not satin-free;
The new green-floor consisted of gardens and flowers as far as one could see.

Hadaiq E Bakhshish

The moment…


The moment was indescribably exciting, when the angels, pure and wise,
Gathered round him and dressed him as the bridegroom of Paradise.

– Hadaiq E Bakhshish –