Be in awe of Allah ta’ala


Always maintain a heart which is in awe of Allah ta’ala

Garden of the Gnostics of Imam Nawawi (May Allah bless his soul) by Sayyid Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi hafizu Llah

The specifications of a sufi…


The specifications of a sufi’s are five:

  1. To keep the presence of Allah in your heart in public & private;
  2. To follow the sunnah of Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi WaSallam by actions & speech;
  3. To keep away from people & from asking them;
  4. To be happy with what Allah gave you even of it is less;
  5. To always refer your matters to Allah.!

– Imam al-Nawawi rahimahu Llah –

Love is conditional


I love you because of your religion.
If you let go of your religion,
then I have to let go of my love for you.

– An-Nawawi rahimahu Llah –