Was the door ever closed?


Your own heart is the living place of the Universe’s essence. Salih rahimahu Llah always told his students,

If you constantly knock at someone’s door, one day it will be opened to you.

Rabia rahimahu Llah heard him say this and remarked,

Salih, how much longer do you intend to preach this in the future tense, saying ‘Will be opened?’ Was the door ever closed?

Salih bowed in acknowledgement.

– Attar rahimahu Llah (1145 – 1220) –

Separation from Beloved


Those who have not been separated from their Beloved will not understand my night without my love. Without my Beloved I was a prisoner in my home, so that the others would not see my pain; The sorrow of the nightingale, the yearning of the bud. Only the flower in the garden can understand. All who are not caught in the pain of love will not find a balm for Attar’s pain.

– Farid ud-Din Attar rahimahu Llah –

The pain who give us a reason to live and love…


Whoever received an atom of this pain of Love
For him both yesterday and tomorrow become today
Everything we see is really One
The months, the years are all just a day.
A thousand centuries have passed us by
Yet this pain forever haunts us in the same way
Whoever embarks on the search for a friend
Must burn in this fire and wait;
But each day he burns, is his day to celebrate
I see only an atom of this pain
Whose sweet sting
Has reached the depth
Of everything
This pain is nothing else
That the one that stokes the fire of Love;
This is the pain of that secret
That offers us a reason to live and love

– Farid ud-Din Attar (1145 – 1221) rahimahu Llah –

For all Is God


And as His Essence all the world pervades
Naught in Creation is, save this alone.
Upon the waters has He fixed His Throne,
This earth suspended in the starry space,
Yet what are seas and what is air? For all Is God.

– Farid ud-Din Attar rahimahu Llah –



I know nothing, I understand nothing, I am unaware of myself. I am in love, but with whom I do not know. My heart is at the same time both full and empty of love.

– Attar rahimahu Llah –

A shoreless sea


The home we seek is in eternity;
The Truth we seek is like a shoreless sea,
Of which your paradise is but a drop.

– Hazrat Farid ad-Din Attar rahimahu Llah –

Pain and Medicine


The pain of love became the medicine for every heart,
The difficulty could never be solved without love.

– ‘Attar rahimahu Llah –

When one is being ignorant…


A certain young man was always speaking against Sufis. One day, Dhu Nun took the ring from his finger and gave it to the man. “Take this to the market and sell it for a dollar,” he said. The young man took it to the market and tried to sell it, but no one would give him more than 10 cents for it. The young man returned to Dhu Nun with the news.

“Now, take the ring to the jewellers and see what they price it at,” said Dhu Nun. The jewellers priced the ring at 1000 dollars. “You know as much about Sufis,” Dhu Nun told the young man when he returned, “as those people in the marketplace know about this ring.”

[Adapted from Memorial of the Saints – Farid-ud-Din Attar]