I searched… I found…


I searched for glory and I found it in humility. I searched for kingdom and I found it in admonishing people (i.e. giving them Naseehat, counselling). I searched for culture and found it in truth. I searched for holiness and found it in poverty. I searched for Nisbat and found it in piety.

– Best of the Tabi’een Uways al-Qarani rahimahu Llah –
(Nisbat refers to a special relationship of proximity with Allah.)

Invocation of Uwais al-Qarni


O Allah, You created me when I was not worthy of mention;
And You provided for me when I had nothing;
And I wronged my soul and sinned, and I confess my guilt.
If You forgive me, that will in no way diminish Your Sovereignty;
And if You punish me, that will in no way augment Your Authority.
You can find others to punish besides me,
But I can find no one to forgive me but You.
Truly, You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy…

– The Invocation of Uwais al-Qarni rahimahu Llah –