Through love for ahl al-Bayt, One can get anything!


Inna Fil jannati nahran min laban
Li `Aliyyin wa Husaynin wa Hasan
Kullu man kana muhibban lahumu
Yadkhulul jannata min ghairi hazan
Hubbu ahlil bayti fardun `indana
Wa bi hathal hubbi la nakhshal mihan

Surely, a river of milk flows in heaven,
For Ali, Hussain, and Hasan.
And all those who have love for these three,
shall enter the garden without any misery.
For us, love of the Prophet’s family is an obligation,
And with a love like that, we fear no tribulation.

The World stood still!

When al-Ḥusayn radi Allahu ‘anhu was martyred, the world stood still for seven days and the stars collided with one another. He was killed on the Day of ‘Ashūra’ [10th of Muharram] and there was a lunar eclipse on that day and the horizon was a blood-red color for six months after that. The redness of the sky continued after that, even though such a thing had never been seen before. It was also said that not a single stone was overturned in Jerusalem on that day except that fresh blood was found beneath it.

~ Imam Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyūṭī (Rahimāhullāh) Tārīkh al-Khulafā’, Pages: 184–188. –

Imam Husayn (radi Allahu ‘anhu) became the foundation of the Muslim creed…


Imam Husayn (radi Allahu ‘anhu) uprooted despotism forever till the Day of Resurrection. He watered the dry garden of freedom with the surging wave of his blood, and indeed he awakened the sleeping Muslim nation. Husayn weltered in blood and dust for the sake of truth. Verily he, therefore, became the bed-rock (foundation) of the Muslim creed; la illaha illa Allah (There is no god but Allah).

—Sir Muhammad Iqbal rahimahu Llah –

Virtues of salam


Salam has seventy virtues, sixty nine of which are for the one who is first to greet, whereas only one award for the one who replies (to your Salaam).

–  Imam Husayn ibn ‘Ali radi Allahu ‘anhum –