The blessed City


What Does The Blessed City Look Like?
O Lord! Show Us Madina;
Where It Rains Mercy,
Where It Is Mercy Upon Mercy!

– Mufti Akhtar Raza Al Qadri (‘alayhi rahma)

The Night of ‘Id


The night we reach Madinah and stand infront of your noble gates with tears in our eyes and say, “Asalatu wa salam ‘alayka Ya Rasulallah!” shall be the night of Eid.

The thirst…


When the lovers see your blessed Green Dome,
They quench their thirst, knowing you are always here for us.

Let Your Soul Imprint…


The Soul Often Wonders To Places To People Your Mind And Heart Thinks About
Your Thoughts Occupy Most Of Your Day

Let Your Soul Imprint The Love Of Rāsul’Allah ﷺ In Each Given Moment, For Who Doesn’t Want Their Soul To Fly Away And To Walk On The Streets Of The Beloved’s Al-Madīnah Al-Munawwāra