Seek it yourself


Watching someone else eating will not satisfy you hunger; the spiritual experiences of others will not satisfy your yearning.

– Sufi Proverb –

Five days


If after five days, the dervish says, “I am hungry”, then send him to the marketplace and order him to take a job and earn something.

– Sufi Saying –

Clean or dirty heart?


If your clothes get dirty, you could wash them with soap. What if your heart gets dirty? How do you clean it? You know the ‘hajar-ul-aswad’ was originally white but the sins of the ummah made it turn black. If sins could make a stone change its color, what do you think it could do to your heart?

– Habib Yusuf al-Hassani –

Love of this world


Man’s love for the life of this world is shown in the way he greets people.

– Sufyan ath-Thawri (rahimahu Llah) –

Logical Proof


To search for God with logical proof is like searching for the Sun with a Lamp.

– Sufi Proverb –



Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon;
How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.

– Mevlana Rumi rahimahu Llah –

Chaos of love


Go running through the streets creating divine chaos,
Go running through this world giving love, giving love.

– Hafiz rahimahu Llah –