Inter-faith harmony


Renowned Muslim philosopher and Sufi mystic Ibn al-Arabi rahimahu Llah had this to say about inter-faith harmony:

O Marvel,
a garden among the flames!
My heart can take on
any form:
a meadow for gazelles,
a cloister for monks,
For the idols, sacred ground,
Kaaba for the circling pilgrim,
the tables of the Torah,
the scrolls of the Quran.
I profess the religion of love;
wherever its caravan turns along the way,
that is the belief,
the faith I keep.

Complaint and complainer


O you who laugh in the form of the weeper!
By us you are the complaint and the complainer.

– Shaykh al-Akbar Ibn Arabi (Allah sanctify his secrets) –

The Creator is the Most Excellent


The excellence and virtue of a piece of knowledge is according to its subject matter. The Creator is the Highest and Most Excellent of subject matters, and therefore the knowledge of His Names is the most excellent and highest knowledge.

—Ibn al-‘Arabi rahimahu Llah –

The Temple which contains Me is in your heart.


The mystic Ka’aba is the heart of being. It has been said to him:

The Temple which contains Me is in your heart.

The mystery of the Divine Essence is no other than the Temple of the heart, and it is around the heart that the spiritual pilgrim circumambulates.

– Hazrat Muhyiddin Ibn al-‘Arabi rahimahu Llah –

Where are the veils?


Too much closeness is a veil, just as distance is a veil. What then when The Haq is closer to us then our jugular vein; where are the 70,000 veils?!?

– Shaykh al-Akhbar ibn al-‘Arabi‬ rahimahu Llah – 

It is up to us…


All that is left to us by tradition is mere words.
It is up to us to find out what they mean.

– Ibn ‘Arabi rahimahu Llah (1165 – 1240) –

Believe in destiny


Believe that your destiny is written on your forehead, and then place it humbly on the floor in prostration – Ibn ‘Arabi rahimahu Llah –



Muhyidin ibn ‘Arabi {May Allah have Mercy upon him} said:

Believe that your destiny is written on your forehead, and then place it humbly on the floor in prostration.