I laughed once in my life and I regret it!


Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa (radi Allahu ‘anhu) earned his living by trading. Every Friday, he distributed 20 gold coins to the poor for his parents soul. For 40 years Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa (radi Allahu ‘anhu) performed the Fajr Salaah with the Wudu that he made for the Esha Salaah (ie. he did not sleep after the night prayer). He performed Hajj 55 times. He used to recite the entire Holy Quran once every day and once every night.

Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa (radi Allahu ‘anhu) had so much of Taqwa (Piety) that for 30 years he fasted every day (except for the 5 forbidden days). He often read the Holy Quran in one rakaah or two. He did not accept any presents from anyone. He wore clothes like those of the poor. Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa (radi Allahu ‘anhu) once said:

I laughed once in my life and I regret it.

He talked little and thought much. It is said that at the place where his soul was taken, he read the Holy Quran 7000 times.

An entreaty for help in the court of the Holy Prophet ﷺ


The Imam of millions of followers of the Hanafi School, Shaykh Imam al-Azam Abu Hanifah (radi Allahu ‘anhu) makes an entreaty for help in the court of the Holy Prophet ﷺ, in ‘Al-Qasidah al-Nau’maniyah fi Madhi Khayr al-Bariyyah’:

يـا أكـرم الثقليـن يـا كنـز الغنـى
O the one! Who is better than all humans and jinns and who is the treasure of Allah

جـد لـي بجـودك و ارضنـي برضـاكـا
Please give me from what Allah has bestowed on you and make me happy like Allah has pleased you

أنـا طامـع بالجـود منـك و لـم يكـن
I am a candidate for your shower of generosity

لأبـي حنيفـة فـي الأنـام سـواكـا
There is no one for Abu Hanifah in the entire creation except you.

When a pressing need occured…


Imam Shafi’i (rahimhu Llah) also would visit the grave of Imam Abu Hanifa (rahimahu Llah) and pray there when he had some pressing need and ask God to fulfill that need, which would invariably be fulfilled. (al-Baghdadi, Tarikh Baghdad, 1.122)

Action or ignorance


A little action with knowledge is far more beneficial than a lot of action with ignorance.

– Imam Abū Hanīfa rahimahu Llah –

Sitting at the feet of a spiritual guide and teacher


Imam Abu Hanifa (rahimahu Llah) said, emphasizing the importance of sitting at the feet of a spiritual guide and teacher,

If it were not for two years, I would have perished. For two years, I accompanied Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq and I acquired the spiritual knowledge that made me a knower in the Way (i.e. tasawwuf)

– ad-Darr al-Mukhtar, vol 1 pg. 43 –

How to show respect for your teacher

Imam Abu Hanifa radi Allahu ‘anhu has said,

I have not stretched my legs out towards the house of my teacher, Hamamd whereas there were 7 streets separating both our houses. I did this out of respect for my teacher.

– Imam Abu Hanifa by Imam Shami p268-269; Imam Abu Hanifa by Imam Shibli Numani, p32 –