Get the both worlds at your command


Those who enshrine the Lord in their hearts, O Bahu, have both the worlds at their command. Lovers remain completely intoxicatedin the ecstasy of their love for the Beloved. They offer their souls to the Belovedwhile still livingand thus immortalize themselvesin this life and the hereafter.

– Sultan Bahu rahimahu Llah –

It is a blessing!


Become a lover, let your heart be like a rock.
If people hurl abuse at you, consider it as a blessing.

– Hadhrat Sultan Bahu rahimahu Llah –

The power of the Unity


The power of the Unity of the ocean of Divine unification dwells in the heart of a believer. The person, who wishes to attain to the truth and wants to join God, should seek a complete perfect teacher, the master of heart’s treasure. Due to the reflection and impression of the Name of Allah and the remembrance of Allah, the person of Faqir becomes radiant with light. One who is close to the heart, is not deprived of the blessing of God Almighty.

– Hadhrat Sultan Bahu rahimahu Llah –



O God whose Secret is in the heart of every man of secret,
whose gate of Grace is open to all,
therefore each person who comes to you with total submission,
never goes back empty-handed.

– Hadhrat Sakhi Sultan Bahu rahimahu Llah –

This is the only Ahmed that I know


‘A wedding procession was travelling to Ahmedpur but managed to lose it’s sense of direction there. Worried about their fate, the procession noticed an elderly pious man (Sultān Bāhū rahimahu Llah) wandering in isolation in the dark doing Dhikr. So they approached him in hope that he may re-direct them and they asked,

‘Dear elderly person, can you direct us to Ahmedpur as we’ve lost our way’.

Sultān Bāhū agreed and instructed the convoy to follow behind him. Sultān took a couple of steps and they all landed in Madīna. The leader of the wedding procession approached Sultān Bāhū and said,

‘We wanted to go to Ahmedpur and you’ve bought us to Madīna?’,

to which Sultān Bāhū replied,

‘This is the only Ahmed that I know’.

– salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam –

Keep away from lovers

The way of passion (ishq) is very tortuous. If you want to follow it, then go like a passionate lover, otherwise keep away from the lovers.

– Hazrat Sultan Bahu rahimahu Llah –