Love and cure


He who finds relief in the pain of Love,
O why would he seek a cure?

– ‘Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza khan رحمة الله عليه



In the house, there is only one lantern:
through its radiance, every place is illuminated.

– ‘AlaHadhrat rahimahu Llah –

Everything is for Thy ﷺ sake


Zameen o Zaman Tumhare ﷺ Liye;
Makeen o Makan Tumhare ﷺ Liye.
Chuneen o Chunan Tumhare ﷺ liye;
Bane Do Jahan Tumhare ﷺ liye.

The earth and the age are made for thy ﷺ sake;
The dwellers and their abodes are made for thee ﷺ.
The ‘why’ and the ‘how’ is there for thee ﷺ;
This world and the next are also for thee ﷺ!

– AlaHazrat rahimahu Llah –

Hisﷺ sweet smiling lips!


O Allāh ﷻ when our eyes tear in accountability of our sins
Let us be blessed with prayers from hisﷺ sweet smiling lips!

– ‘AlaHazrat rahimahu Llah –