Remove “I”


Going to Makkah is not the ultimate –
Even if hundreds of prayers are offered

Bulleh Shāh the ultimate is –
When the “I” is removed from the heart.

— Shaykh ʻAbdullāh Shāh (Bulleh Shāh) rahimahu Llah –

Peace of mind


Peace of mind is elusive and a state of agitation permanent.
With desire of wealth, status and power,
man is lonely;
the soul seeks to find its source.

– Bulleh Shah rahimahu Llah –

Man is a slave


Man is a slave to his desires;
unsatisfied he finds misery – satisfied he finds bondage and more responsibility.

– Bulleh Shah rahimahu Llah –

Master and God


Follow their master and God alone,
and with a singularly desfined purpose.
One’s will is that of God.

– Bulleh Shah rahimahu Llah –

Arrow of love


I have been pierced by the arrow of love;
What shall I do?
I can neither live nor die

– Bulleh Shah rahimahu Llah –

Spring of love


When I grasped the hint of love,
I banished “mine” and “thine” from me.
I was cleansed within and without,
Now, Wherever I look, the Beloved pervades,
Ever, new, fresh, is the spring of love!

– Bulleh Shah rahimahi Llah –

Who will win the contest?


Religious scholars stay awake at night
But dogs stay awake at night, higher than you

They don’t cease from barking at night
Then they go sleep in yards, higher than you

They [dogs] don’t leave the beloved’s doorstep
Even if they’re beaten hundreds of times, higher than you

Bulleh Shah get up and make up with the beloved
Otherwise dogs will win the contest, better than you

– Baba Bulleh Shah rahimahu Llah –

Strange are the times!

Crows swoop on hawks,
Sparrows do eagles stalk.
Strange are the times!

The Iraqis are despised
While the donkey are prized.
Strange are the times!

Those with coarse bankets are kings;
The erstwhile-kings watch them from the ring.
Strange are the times!

It’s not without reason or rhyme ,
Stange are the times!

Says Bulleh, kill your ego
And throw away your pride.
You need to forget yourself
To find Him by your side.

– Bulleh Shah –