O’ Lord


O’ Allah O‘Allah
My Lord
My fearful journey is hard and so long
In every aspects and steps I do wrong
I see the falsehood,
Decorated with beauty and elegance
Lust, anger and dance
GOD don’t exist, they shout
With mockery and tease
For blasphemy and arrogance, they fought
The warnings and the signs from
The Prophet Ibrahim (‘alayhi sallam), Musa (‘alayhi sallam), Isa (‘alayhi sallam) and Nuh (‘alayhi sallam)?

O’ Lord I seek forgiveness from You
But the heart,
That made me rebellion and impure
Made me forgot my promise
And the justice
Is there any cure for me?
O’ Friend, my Beloved Friend
Your Forgiveness and Love is like the ocean
From west to east

Then O’ Lord
Not for me but then at least
For Your best creation Prophet Muhammed (salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)
The light for every soul
The miracle of miracles
The leader of all the ranks

O’Lord, O’ Lord, O Lord
I seek Your Mercy and Love
Make me one of Yours
Don’t let me be on my own
For surly I will fail!

– Written by Dabbagh –