Love obeying


Know that you cannot love Allah
until you love obeying Him –

– al-Hasan al-Basri rahimahu Llah –

Benefits of giving reward of salawat to others


A woman came to Sayyidina Hassan Al-Basri (rahimahu Llah) and said,

My daughter passed away and now I wish to see her in my dream.

Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) told her,

Offer four rakat Nafl after Isha and in each rakaat recite Surah At-Takasur (102). Then go to sleep while reciting Salawaat upon RasulAllah ﷺ until you fall asleep.

The woman did so and narrated the dream to Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) the next day. She said,

I saw her in a bad state. She was wearing dirty robes. Her hands were tied and there were chains of fire around her feet.

Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) asked her to give sadqa and hope that her daughter’s affliction gets lessened. The following night Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) himself saw a dream wherein he was in Jannah and there was a beautiful young girl on a throne dressed in magnificent clothes. She told him that she was the daughter of the woman who had visited him. Sayyidina Hassan (rahimahu Llah) told her,

But your mother told me that she saw you in a bad state.

The girl said,

Indeed what she said was true. We were 70,000 souls who were afflicted with the torture of the grave until a pious person passed by us. He recited Salawat upon RasulAllah ﷺ dedicated it’s sawaab to us. And Allah accepted it in such a manner that we were freed from our tribulations and what you see now is due to barakah of that Durood Shareef.

– Al-Qawl Al-Badee : Imaam Shams Ad-Deen Sakhaawi, p.234-235 –

If only we learn to…


A man said to Al-Hasan Al-Basri (rahimahullah):

The people sit around you so that they may find fault with you!

So he said,

Indeed, I encouraged my soul to aspire for Paradise so it aspired for it. Then I encouraged it to aspire for salvation from Hellfire and so it aspired for it. Then I encouraged it to aspire for salvation from the people, but I didn’t find a way to that. Indeed the people were not pleased with their Creator although He provides for them, so how can they be pleased with another creation like themselves?

– Source: Al-Bidaya wal-Nihaya (9/318 –

Go, I will not forgive you…

Al-Hasan rahimahu Llah was scolded for his deep sadness and fear, so he  replied:

What security do I have that perhaps Allah has seen what He dislikes of me and says, ‘Go, I will not forgive you’. So I work for that which cannot be worked for.

– [Translated from Mahmood Al-Masri’s ‘Qisas Al-Tabi’een’, P. 258]

The wish of the people of Hell-fire


al-Hasan rahimahu Llah was brought a mug of water to break his fast, so when it was brought nearer to him, he began to weep. He said,

‘I remembered the wish of the people of Hell-fire and what they said: “Pour upon us some water or from whatever Allah has provided you.” and I remembered the reply: “Indeed, Allah has forbidden them both to the disbelievers”.

– [Translated from Mahmood Al-Masri’s ‘Qisas Al-Tabi’een’, P. 258]

What do you think of people who got aboard a ship…

A man asked al-Hasan rahimahu Llah,

How have you woken up?

He said,


The man said,

How are you?

al-Hasan rahimahu Llah smiled and said,

You ask me how I am?! What do you think of people who got aboard a ship until they reached the middle of the sea and the ship broke down, so each one was hanging on by a wood, what would be their state? My state is more severe than theirs.

– [Translated from Mahmood Al-Masri’s ‘Qisas Al-Tabi’een’, P. 258]

Two constant fears


Al-Hasan rahimahu Llah said:

The believer wakes up feeling sad and goes to sleep feeling sad as there is no room for him other than this since he is in between two (constant) fears: a mistake he has committed which he does not know what Allah will do with it, and the time left ahead not knowing what hardships he will face.

– [Translated from Mahmood Al-Masri’s ‘Qisas Al-Tabi’een’, P. 258]

What if Allah says….


Yunus bin ‘Ubaid said: ‘I have not seen anyone with more feeling of sadness than al-Hasan rahimahu Llah, he used to say,

‘We laugh now and perhaps Allah has looked over our actionsand said: I will not accept anything from you’.

[Translated from Mahmood Al-Masri’s ‘Qisas Al-Tabi’een’, P. 258]



A man came to Hasan al-Basri rahimauh Llah. He said

You (al-Basri) preach all this about prayer, the consequences of not obeying Allah, the loss etc. I’m the most corrupt man in this land. And y’know what. I have the most beautiful children, the most wealth & a successful business.

He asked

What blessing has Allah prevented me from getting? Where is my punishment?

Al-Basri asked him

can you wake up for Qiyam Al Layl?

The man replied


Al-Basri said

that that is your prevention. Allah has prevented you from being close to Him. You have lost everything