The real teacher…


There is a story told of a dervish, a simple man, who was initiated by a teacher. After that teacher had passed away, this man came into contact with some clairvoyant who asked him if he had guidance on his path. The man replied, ‘Yes, my master, who passed from this earth. When he was still alive I enjoyed his guidance for some time, so the only thing I would want now is just your blessing.’ But the clairvoyant said, ‘I see by my clairvoyant power that the teacher who passed away was not a true teacher.’ When the simple man heard this, he would not allow himself to be angry with the other, but said gently, ‘This teacher of mine may be false, but my faith is not false, and that is sufficient.’

As there is water in the depths of the earth, so there is truth at the bottom of all things, false or true. In some places, one has to dig deep; in other places, only a short distance; that is the only difference. But there is no place where there is no water. One may have to dig very, very deep in order to get it; but in the depths of the earth, there is water, and in the depths of all this falsehood that is on the surface, there is truth. If we are really seeking for the truth, we shall always find it at some time or another.

The one who wants to protect himself from being misguided shows a certain tendency, a kind of weakness that comes from thinking deep within himself that there is no right guidance. If he realizes that right guidance is to be found in himself, then he will always be rightly guided and his power will become so great that if his guide is going wrong, the power of the pupil will help him to go right because the real teacher is in the heart of man. The outward teacher is only a sign.

– Hadhrat Inayat Khan rahimahu Llah –

The spiritual progress


The secret of spriritual progress lies in detaching one’s mind from the world outside and attaching it to God within.

– Hadhrat Inayat Khan rahimahu Llah –

In thee I feel abundance of blessing


Inspirer of my mind, consoler of my heart,
Healer of my spirit,
Thy presence lifteth me from earth the Heaven.
Thy words flow as the sacred river,
Thy thought riseth as a Divine spring.
Thy tender feelings waken sympathy in my heart.
Beloved Teacher, thy very being is forgiveness.
The clouds of doubt and fear are scattered
By thy piercing glance.
All ignorance vanishes in thy illuminating presence
A new hope is born in my heart
By breathing thy peaceful atmosphere.
O inspiring Guide through life’s puzzling ways
In thee I feel abundance of blessing.

– Hazrat Inayat Khan rahimahu Llah –

The equality…

It is often said that “all people are created equally”, yet some are crippled, some are blind, some are deaf. So where is the “equality”? The equality is in the gifts of the HEART.  The physical world is full of differences and distinctions, yet there burns in every heart the same One Flame. Spiritual awakening is the process of realizing this One Flame, bringing it forth into the world in all of its glory.

– Hadhrat Inayat Khan (rahimullah)-

Lighted candle

There are those who are like a lighted candle: they can light other candles, but the other candles must be of wax – if they are of steel, they cannot be lighted.

– Hadhrat Inayat Khan –

Coldness and feebleness

To become cold from the coldness of the world is weakness, to become broken by the hardness of the world is feebleness, but to live in the world and yet to keep above it is like walking on the water.

– Hadhrat Inayat Khan (rahimullah) –