The preference


Imam Ahmad (rahimahu Llah) made a bequest that he be buried in Bab al-Tibn in the Qati’a cemetery. When asked about this, he responded,

“I have strong proof that there is a prophet buried in Qati’a, and I would rather be buried close to a prophet than to my very own father”

(Ibn Abi Ya’la, Tabaqat al-Hanabila, 1 . 188).

Ink on the clothes


‘Imam Shafii (rahimahu Llah) saw me sitting in his circle, and there was some ink on my shirt I was trying to hide. He said,

Young man, why are you hiding it? Having ink on ones clothes is a sign of lofty conduct: to the sight it is black, but to the insight it is white (with the light of knowledge).

– Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal rahimahu Llah

Fountain of knowledge


Imam Ahmad (rahimahu Llah) advising his son said,

O my son, you must sit with sufiya, because they are like fountain of knowledge. They recite remembrance of Allah in their hearts. They are ascetics and they have most spiritual power.

I became sick over my grief for his sickness

Once, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (rahimahu Llah) was sick, and Imam Shaafi’i went to visit him.When Imam Ahmad (rahimahu Llah) got better, then Imam Shafi’i (rahimahu Llah) got sick. Imam Shafi’i (rahimahu Llah) said 2 lines of poetry :

“The one who i love was sick, so I visited him.
And I became sick over my grief for his sickness
Then my beloved came to visit me and
I became better from gazing at him.

Look at this affection and tenderness…How many questions did he differ from Imam Ahmad., yet the love only increased.

– Habib Umar Bin Hafiz hafidhu Llah –