I said who are you?
He said: “Everyone’s Beloved!”

I said who am I?
He said, “The Beloved’s beloved!”

– Mevlana Rumi rahimahu Llah –




O Allah, O Lord, for the honor of Your Prophet, the Chosen (Al-Mustafa), and Your  Messenger, the Pleased (Al-Murtada), purify our hearts from every characteristic which keeps us away from Your Presence and Your Love, and let us die following his way and in his congregation, longing to meet You, O Owner of Majesty and Nobility, and the blessings and abundant peace of Allah be upon Muhammad, his family and his companions.

– Imam al-Jazuli, Qaddas Allahu Sirruh (Dala’il al-Khayrat) –



Do not stop mentioning God just because your heart is not present. Forgetting Him completely is worse than being inattentive while you are mentioning Him; perhaps He will elevate you from being inattentive to being attentive, and from being attentive to being fully present with Him, and from being fully present with Him to being fully absent from anything but Him. [This is not difficult for God – Quran 35:17].

– Ibn Ata’illah al-Iskandari rahimahu Llah –

Why me!

‎Allah never throws you deeper than you can go. He throws you from such a height were He Knows yes you may fall, gain a few scratches, and open wounds, but He also Know how much sabr, tolerance and will power you have to stand back up. Yes we all complain, moan and cry saying ‘Why Me!’ but why do we forget this life is a test; Allah is making you, not breaking you. He is by your side, He is  your guiding light…

– Unknown –

Do not despair


If in spite of intense supplication,
there is delay in the timing of the Gift,
let that not be the cause for your despairing.
For He has guaranteed you a response in what He chooses for you,
not in what you choose for yourself,
and at the time He desires, not the time you desire.

– Ibn Ata’illah al-Iskandari rahimahu Llah –

Sufism is not…

‎Sufism is not wearing a robe that you patch
And it is not the shedding of tears when the singers sing
It is not crying out, nor dancing, nor musical entertainment
And it is not swooning as if you had become possessed
Sufism is rather your serenity, without distress
And following the truth of the Qur’an and the religion.

-Shaykh al-Islam al-Hujjah Ibrahim bin Abdullah Niasse (rahimahu Llah)
quoting in his magnum opus Kashif al-Ilbas –