He ﷻ drew you ﷺ ever close that night
To a nearness never granted before

Zam Zam you ﷺ purified that night
To purity it never possessed before

Buraaq quivered in awe that night
Awe like this it never felt before

You ﷺ lit up all the heavens so bright
By your ﷺ light never created before

He ﷻ expanded and filled your ﷺ chest with light
To reach a station never traversed before

You ﷺ surpassed all others in flight
To Majesty ﷻ never witnessed before

You ﷺ entered the sacred sphere that night
To His ﷻ prescance no being ever felt before

You ﷺ saw and did not swerve in sight
At vision of Him ﷻ never seen before

He ﷻ enveloped you ﷺ in closeness that night
At two bows length never reached before

You ﷺ spent tender moments during that night
In a proximity never experienced before

Creation stood ‘still’ in submission that night
For no Beloved had been loved like this before

– Tahir Mukhtar –