Be aware of your own worth…
do not beg for light
from the moon,
obtain it from the spark
within you

– Allama Iqbal rahimahu Llah –



  1. Salam alaikum warahmatullah, what are your top 3 book recommendations, on the topics like tassawaf, seerat un nabi pbuh, Islamic philosophy… jazakAllah

  2. English and Urdu: beginner level, I’m a beginner in Islamic studies, I know about the Ihya ulum ud Din, should I buy that work or is it for the master readers, I’m a beginner level reader because out of 12 books I’ve read, Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits was the most enlightening (and he’s a modern era writer – I want to read the ancients) I’m starting university this year, jazakAllah

  3. Beginner level, English or Urdu language… and should a beginner read Ihya ulum ud Din?

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