In the Muslimʹs heart is the home of Muhammad,
All our glory is from the name of Muhammad.

Sinai is but an eddy of the dust of his house,
His dwelling‐place is a sanctuary to the Kaʹba itself.

Eternity is less than a moment of his time,
Eternity receives increase from his essence.

He slept on a mat of rushes,
But the crown of Chosroes was under his peopleʹs feet.

He passed many a night with sleepless eyes
In order that the Muslims might sleep on the throne of Persia.

With the key of religion he opened the door of this world:
The womb of the world never bore his like.

In him is our trust on the Day of Judgement,
And in this world too he is our protector.

– Allama Iqbal rahimahu Llah –