The pleasure of Khalil ‘Alayhi sallam

15 - 1 (2)

Before Namrūd could throw Hadhrat Ibrahim `alayhis sallam into the fire, Hadhrat Jibrael `alayhis sallam approached the Prophet and said:

“O Ibrahim `alayhis salam, ask Allahﷻ to save you!”

Hadhrat Ibrahim `alayhis salam replied,“Should a human ask such an elevated being for something so ordinary?”

“Then ask Him to save your heart.”

“This heart is His,and He will treat it however He wishes.”

“O Ibrahim `alayhis salam, why don’t you fear the fire?”

“Jibrael(`alayhis salam), who prepared it?”


“And who placed that intention in his heart?”

“Allahﷻ .”

“Then wherever you find the order of Jalil(Allahﷻ ), you will find the pleasure of Kalil(Hadhrat Ibrahim `alayhis salam).”

{Nuzhatul Majaalis,}


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