“If my sin is too grave
to be forgiven,
Yet I have hope that God
will grant me refuge.

I will place my hope, when the Protector appears
in all His might,
In Muḥammad, the dispeller of sorrow and cares
In both abodes.

When I humble myself before him to ask
for the most precious gift of intercession,
What I ask for will be nothing to him
but a paltry thing.

And when the pious man presents himself
with his good deeds,
I will present before him
my repentant tears.

I will cling to the door
of the Prince of Prophets,
For he who holds tight to the key of the door of God,
will prosper.

For every virtue, benefit and favor,
whether performed
Or compelled,
comes from Him.

I will hold tight to a rope of praise for him,
which will avail me on a day
When bonds of lineage and kinship
are of no avail.

So for the sake of the Messenger of the words,
be gracious to us,
And do not increase the humiliation of his people
and their disgrace.

O my Lord, through Muḥammad you made
the Muslims’ beginning beautiful,
So complete Your grace and grant them
a good end.”

 – Written by  Nahj al-Burdah by Aḥmad Shawqī (d. 1932) –