The night of power or decree (laylat al-Qadr) is better than a thousand months (al-Qur’an, 95:3),

so seek it and its blessings and spend all your efforts to achieve it. Do not neglect it and do not be heedless. Perhaps you shall never have another chance again.

However, the Qur’an did not state that the night of power is the best of all nights; merely that it is better than a thousand months. Thus is our view that the night of power is not in absolute sense the best of all nights; rather, the blessed morning of the birth of our Beloved ﷺ, the mawlid, is actually far more blessed and better than the night of power.

Do you not see how Allah ﷻ exalted His Beloved ﷺ in every way possible?

The city that he was born in, is the best of all cities
The place that he was buried in, is the best of all places

The lineage that he came through, is the best of all lineages
The family that he was given, is the best of all families
The companions that he was surround by, are the best of all people

From his extraordinary miracles to his magnificent character, from his inner excellence to his outer perfection; in all aspects and in every way, Allah ﷻ blessed him ﷺ and through him everything else that he came in contact with, such that it all became better than everything else of its kind.

So the time that he lived in and the air that he breathed in; the camel that he rode and the mountain that he climbed; the solitude that he sought and the congregation that he established – there is nothing in the whole of creation that could ever match their excellence and superiority. Even his very name, his very mention and love for him – is beyond anything and everything else.

So it is an easy conclusion, that of course, and beyond all doubts, the morning that he was born is indeed the best of all events that ever took place.

So seek the night of power, but do so burning and engulfed in his love; recite his revelation and exalt his name with sincerity and I swear, your night shall not merely be better than a thousand months, but indeed better than a million years.

– Shaykh Imran bin Munir Husayn (hafizu Llah) –