At the age of 18, Hazrat Bahauddin Naqshband rahimahu Llah (found of the naqshbandi Tareeqa) was sent by his grandfather to the village of Samas to serve the shaykh. Of his initial noviciate under Hazrat as-Samasi rahimau Llah, he relates:

I would arise early, three hours before the prescribed dawn prayer, make ablution, and after performing the Sunnah (customary) prayers, I would go into prostration, supplicating to God with the following prayer:

O my Lord, give me the power to carry the difficulties and the pain of Your love.

Then I would pray the dawn prescribed prayer with the shaykh. On his way out one day he looked at me and said, as if he had been with me when I made that supplication,

O my son, you have to change the method of your supplication. Instead say, ‘O God, grant Your pleasure to this weak servant.’ God does not like His servants to be in difficulties. Although God in His Wisdom might give some difficulties to His servants to test them, the servant must not ask to be in difficulties. This would not be respectful to your Lord.