An Ottoman Clock


  1. One accepts Tawhid (belief in the Uniqueness of Allah) in order to seek
  2. Ilm (knowledge), such that it will help a person attain:
  3. Irfan (recognition), which in turn grants/increases:
  4. Aql (intellect), which makes one
  5. Wiser (hikmat), which are the characteristics of:
  6. Insan (humans), now one can begin to have:
  7. Amal (action) on one’s knowledge and wisdom, which makes a person:
  8. Adl (equitable), which comes with
  9. Akhlaq (good character), which brings life and
  10. Prosperity (imran), which is
  11. Islam, which in turn leads to the
  12. Haq (truth).

Paraphrased from Mufti Wajid Iqbal


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