• Oh son! Untie the knot, and be free! How long will you be enslaved by gold and silver?
  • If you want to receive mercy, be merciful to the weak,
  • The nafs (carnal soul) inside you that is waiting to ambush you is worse than anything else in terms of pride and resentment,
  • Before you say anything, first listen,
  • The wars of men are like the quarrels of children; both are meaningless and stupid,
  • Hard work and earning are not obstacles to finding a treasure! Continue to work hard, if it is God’s will, the treasure will find you,
  • There is nothing superior to a good temper in this world of struggle,
  • Thoughtless friends are themselves the enemy,
  • Look where you step. You will avoid a wrong step and you will be saved from stumbling,
  • The essence of all wisdom is to know the answers to ‘who am I?’ and ‘what will become of me?’ on the Day of Judgment.