Orphan child, unlettered, though every example was lettered down,
Even Bahira the (Christian) monk witnessed signs of a Prophetic crown ﷺ,

Truthful since his ﷺ youth, his title was Al-Ameen,
The only thirst that we have is to gaze upon him ﷺ, this is our dream,

Even the Ka’aba prostrated with the news of his ﷺ birth,
The whole universe combined could not equate the worth of his ﷺ graves earth,

Songs of Madina, welcome the mercy of men,
Tongues will make us cleaner from salutations we send,

When attacked by enemies he ﷺ would greet with a smile,
With swollen ankles he’d ﷺ walk the streets, through insults his ﷺ head bowed,

Tears of worry … for his ﷺ nation that’s yet to come,
If we knew the worth of his ﷺ tears then our challenges amount to none!

The grass would prostrate, sending Salaam on his name,
Clouds would shelter from the sun, when he ﷺ stood praying for rain.

To prevent another from hunger, would sacrifice hisﷺ  own grain,
Tied rocks to his ﷺ stomach to ease the pangs of pain,

Without a single complaint, for the sake of his ﷺ people.
Just a glance of his ﷺ face defines the meaning of peaceful.

On our journey to God he ﷺ is the ONLY door,
And no matter how much you love him ﷺ, just know … he ﷺ loves you more!

– unknown –