O Allah! Bestow blessings upon our master Muhammad, the opener of what was closed, the seal of what had preceded, the helper of the Truth with the Truth, and the guide to Your straight path, and upon his Family, as is truly merited by his greatness and magnificent rank—as much as fills what is known, and by the number of what is known, and by the weight of what is known; a tremendous blessing in stature and magnificence.

I ask you, O Allah, by its secret, and by the secret of its secret, and by the secret of the one upon whom You sent your blessings with it, and by the secret of those who send blessings with it, from the time its secret manifested till the Abode of Permanence, that You bestow blessings and salutations upon the one You have ennobled by it, and by whom You ennobled it; the secret of its existence, the treasure-store of its bounty and magnanimity, by the secret of the overflowing secret, whose secret is in every secret of our master and patron Muhammad. [And bestow this] upon his Family, Companions, lovers, and followers.

I ask You, O Allah, that You grant me rewards by this benediction, for the good works of the night and day have passed me by. Accept from me what You have granted me enabling grace to perform of prayers, obligations, supererogatory acts, litanies, and remembrances, and bestow upon me the secret of its secret as You have bestowed upon the possessors of multifarious secrets who are the “the ever patient, the veracious, the devout, the spenders of charity, and those who seek forgiveness in the early hours”—by Your pure largesse and generosity, O Clement, O Coverer of Faults! Amin!