It’s first 10 days are of mercy
Middle 10 are of forgiveness
Last 10 are of freedom from Hell fire
The Doors of the Heavens are opened tonight
The Doors of Hell are closed tonight
The Satans are being locked up
The rizq of the believers is being increased
Angels are descending upon earth to join the believers in their worship
A nafl act is now increased in reward to a fard act
A fard act is now multiplied by 70 fard acts in reward
Quran will be recited in every town and home
On its 17th Day the first verses of the Quran were revealed upon earth
It contains a night that is better than a thousand months
It is the month of patience whose reward is paradise
Whoever stands in its night prayer wholeheartedly will have his minor sins forgiven
All year round paradise is decorated for those that fast in this month
It teaches us empathy and to be considerate to others
To remember our ultimate goal is to obey Allah Almighty and gain His pleasure and focus….
Focus on what? Our Akhirah and with whom we will be risen and our final destination.

Have a blissful experience and honour this month. Ask your Lord that He gives you the determination and energy to keep up with your obligations and nafl acts. Give sadaqah this month in abundance and earn multiplied rewards.

Make an investment for the Akhirah and do not waste this month! Soon it will be leaving and you will regret what you have missed.

Ramadhan Mubaarak to you all from Shaykh Monawwar Ateeq hafizu Llah