Imam Hasan bin Ali radi Allahu ‘anhum was seated at the door of his house in Kufa, a Bedouin came up and reviled him, and his father and his mother. Imam Hasan RadyAllahu`anhu rose up and said:

O Bedouin, what ails you, perhaps you are hungry or thirsty?

The Bedouin took no heed, but continued to abuse him and his family. Imam Hasan RadyAllahu`anhu ordered his slave to bring a purse of silver, and gave it to the fellow, saying:

O brother excuse me, for there is nothing else in the house, had there been more, I should not have grudged it to you.

On hearing this, the Bedouin exclaimed:

I bear witness that you are the grandson of the Prophet of Allah. I came here to make trial of your mildness.

– From : The Kashf Al-Mahjub