Sayyiduna Dawud {Peace be upon him} relates that Allah Most High says:

If an ‘Alim {a learned scholar} prefers worldly desires to My love, the least I do to him is that I deprive him of the bliss of having communion with Me, he cannot experience the sublime joys inherent in the remembrance of Allah Most High and in supplications to Him. O Dawud! Have no regard for an ‘alim who has been intoxicated by his lust for this world, for he would lead you astray from My love. Such people are robbers.

O Dawud, if you find someone who really seeks My countenance, become his servant. O Dawud, if anyone comes to me running, I record his name as a sane wise person and I do not punish such a man.

{The Revival of the Islamic Sciences ~ Ihya Ulum ad-Deen}