Sayyidina Ka’b al-Ahbar (radi Allahu ‘anhu) said:

Not a day goes by without seventy thousand angels descending upon the Rawdha of the Prophet ﷺ, surrounding him and sending salawat upon him until night falls. When they ascend another such group of angels take their place and do the same; until when the earth splits open before him ﷺ, he comes out with 70,000 angels in procession around him.

Recorded (with authentic chains to Ka’b) by Darimi (1:57 #94), Bayhaqi (Shu’ab, 3:492), Ibn Mubarak in Kitab az-Zuhd (1:558), Abu Nu’aym (Hilya, 5:390), Qadi Isma’il (Fadl as-Salat, #102)