It is not just that Saudi Salafis are destroying Islamic Heritage in Saudi Arabia, they are also exporting this terror in other Muslim countries of the world.  Salafis are taking control of Muslim countries, one by one, with the help of Zionists and Nato in the name of revolutions and destroying entire Islamic Heritage in these countries.

(1) Libya Herald Newspaper reported that on July 9, 2012 Salafis bombed ‘Sahaba Mosque’ in Derna, Benghazi, Libya. 

The Bombing on the mosque destroyed the Tomb and the upper portion of Hadhrat Zuhayr(رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ) pious grave. People were surprised to see the pious body of Hadhrat Zuhayr(رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ), companion of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم), remained intact, spotless after 1,375 years of burial. The news and these pictures were published in Libya Herald Newspaper on Tuesday, July 10, 2012.  Read more…

Saudi Salafis have destroyed over 60,000 pious graves and mausoleums of Sahabah and family members of Prophet Mohammad (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) in Arabian Peninsula. What they did with the pious bodies of over 60,000 Sahabah is not known to people.  These inhuman beastly actions will definitely carry the unending Azaab (torment) on these Salafis in Hereafter.  They cannot escape Allah’s سبحانہ و تعا لی ) Azab.

(2) On Sunday, August 26, 2012Saudi funded Salafis attacked 500 year old grave of Sheikh Shihab al-Din (1442-1493), a Shadhili Shaikh in Misrata, Libya, dug out the grave and took away his dead body. 

UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova said on August 27, 2012, the Salafi attacks wrecking Zlitan, Tripoli, Mistara, Benghazi, etc., and destroying mosques and desecratinggraves of Islamic Scholars must be halted. Reuters Paris, reported on August 29, 2012 that United Nationshas urged Libyan authorities to protect Islamic Heritage from Salafi vandalism. Read more…

In Misrata, they destroyed mausoleum of Sheikh Ahmed al-Zarruq. The front façade of Sidi Abdul-Salam Al-Asmar Al-Fituri shrine, as well as the mosque and library of al-Asmari University in Zliten were also destroyed. Read more…


Agence France Presse (AFP) reported that in Tripoli, Salafisdestroyed Abdallah al-Shaab mausoleum, the shrines of Sidi al-Masri and Sidi Selim.

The League of Libyan Muslim Scholars  have urged United Nations to pressure Saudi Arabian Government not to export  Salafi terror and vandalism in Islamic countries.  

(3) In a shocking incident on December 16, 2008, Taliban, dug the grave of a popular Ahle Sunnah Shaikh,  Samiullah Chishti in Swat, Pakistan, removed his body and hanged it in a local market. 

Taliban confirmed that their gunmenentered the house of Shaikh Samiullah, and killed all inmates. They searched the premises but did not find his dead body.They left the scene after killing several others and burning 15 houses owned byhis Murideen. Later they came to know that he was one of the persons killed by them and that his Murideen had secretly buried his body.  They went to his grave, removed his body and realized that he was not properly buried but was stuffed in a hole while still dressed in his clothes.  Later explaining why they hanged Shaikh’s dead body, a seniorcommander of Taliban claimed that he was Mushrik. Read more…

(4) The Daily Mail, UK, reported on February 3, 2013 that Salafi Terrorists, backed by French military have torched homes, mosques and libraries, including  £16-million Ahmed Baba Institute, home to some 20,000 ancient documents on culture, science and geography.

It is reported that Salafi terrorists, armed with assault rifles and pickaxes have destroyed all importantmausoleums in Timbuktu.Eye witnesses say that Salafisare unleashing terror in many parts of Mali.  

The French claim that Al-Qaeda terrorists who are there in Mali for a long time, are burning the cities, destroying mosques, and fleeing before arrival of French troops. If this story was true, then they would have destroyed this heritage long time ago.  Why this whole saga started after the current Government headed by Captain Amadou Haya Sanogo was installed in Mali by CIA. It is obvious that theseterrorists are doing the carnage under the patronage of Zionists, supported by petro-dollar funds from Saudi Arabia. The Salafi terrorists are used by Zionists to destroy Islam in the world.  The entire terrorist structure is run under the overall guidance of Nato,whose governments are slave to Zionists lobby in the world.   Read full Report… 

(5) BBC reported on October 15, 2012 that Salafi Militants, who call themselves Free Syrian Army, damaged the Grand Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo City. Read full Report… 

Armed Salafi militant groups targeted the mosque with mortars and machine guns, damaging major portion of the mosque, main prayer Hall and the main gate.

(6Watch the following video clip, the Salafi Militants have bombedand destroyed the mausoleum  of Hazrat Ammar bin Yasir (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ) in Syria, who was one of the famous Sahaba and was among the slaves freed by Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ). He was one among the Muhajirun. He is famous for the Prophet’s (صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم), Hadith – Ammar will be killed by the errant group.

(7) PRESS TV reported on November 26, 2012 that Salafi terrorists, sent by Saudi Arabia and Zionists, into Syria are destroying mosques and important Islamic Heritage buildings.  The Zionists call these terrorists as Free Syrian Army (FSA).  Read full report…

Tama Hazem, Head of Aleppo CityMedia Center said, “Nour Al-Shuhada mosque was struck by Salafi militants during Asr prayers, killing most of the people prayingthere. The main hall of the mosque and the minaret were destroyed.”


Watch the following leaked video showing the Salafi Terroristsblowing the mosque and cheering the destruction and killing of all people who were praying at that time.  Read more  on Islamic Heritage destruction in Syria.


(8) It is reported by Syrian News on April 6, 2013 that Salafi Zionists attempted to destroy, and partly damaged Sayyeda Sukaina (ra), daughter of Hadhrat Ali (ru) shrine in Darayya, outside Damascus.

They desecrated the shrine, burned its books of religion and Quran and even damaged the building itself.  They did the same thing in Libya where they removed the skeleton of late Gaddafi’s mother and tore it apart with sticks. Read more...  

Also, watch the video Clip about this Story.


(9Al-Jazeera reported on March 21, 2013 that Dr Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti, a longtime supporter of President Bashar al-Assad and Imam of Damascus’ historic Ummayyad Mosque, was killed in the explosion in the Iman Mosque in the central Mezzeh district.

Forty two people were martyred and eighty four injured in the blast, the Syrian Television reported.  Watch this video clip.

Al-Jazeera reported on March 24, 2013 that Al-Bouti’s 52 years old daughter, Sumayya, speaking from Saudi Arabia, said that her father could not have changed his position. She said those who killed him(Salafi Zionist terrorists) are “unjust” and “criminals”

Earlier Shaikh al-Yaqoobi and Free Syrian Army (FSA) which consists of hired Salafi Zionist mercenaries, tried to give impression that Government killed Shaikh Al-Bouti; which is a lie.  Read full story...

(10) Press TV reported on May 3, 2013 that the pious Grave of the Sahabi Sayyidina Hujr ibn Adi (ru) was been desecrated in Syria and his grave has been dug up and his blessed body has been stolen.

Hadhrat Hujr ibn Adi (ru) was a pious companion of Prophet Mohammad (saws) who was sentenced to death, along with his son and 7 others by Muawiya (ru) for supporting Hadhrat Ali (ru). It is reported that  Muawiya (ru)  had given Hadhrat Hujr (ru) two choices, either to curse Hadhrat Ali (ru) or die. 

Hadhrat Hujr (ru) chose to die and reported to have said that he would do nothing that could displease Allah (swt).

On May 2nd, 2013, his shrine was desecrated by Salafi extremists/terrorists trained and sent to Syria by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Salafi States.  His body was removed and disposed off at an unknown location.  No one knows what they did with his pious body. There are reports that the Salafi Zionist terrorists responsible for this incident have been apprehended by Syrian Police.   However there were no confirmed reports of their arrest.  Watch the following disturbing video clip. 


(11) Press TV reported on January 1, 2013 that Shaikh Muhammed al-Arifi, a Saudi Salafi Scholar, issued a fatwa that permits all Jihadist  in Syria to engage in rape of Syrian women, en masse.   Read more,  and also Watch this video clip.

Arifi called it Intercourse Marriage designed to give freedom to Salafi mercenariesin Syria to have sex with Syrian women en masse to satisfy their lust and boost determination.  By doing so, they will enter Paradise.

Shaikh Arifi, later denied that he has issued such a Fatwa on his FB page and on twitter.  Read more…

(12) Washington Times reported on April 3, 2013 that another Salafi Sheikh Yasir al-Ajlawni, who hails from Jordan, has also issued a Fatwa to clear the path for Salafi Terrorists fighting against the Government of Syrai to rape Syrian Women so long as they are non-Salafis.  Read full report …

(13SEXUAL JIHAD –  The Daily Mail UK reported on April 4, 2013that at least 13 Tunisian young girls reportedly traveled to rebel held northern Syria to offer themselves for sex to Salafi Zionist mercenaries fighting with Syrian Army.  This was the result of ‘Fatawas’ issued by Salafi Clerics for women to perform SEXUAL JIHAD for which they will get Paradise in Hereafter.  Read more…

(14) UN Officials say the terrorists of so called Free Syrian Army are killing civilians and raping Syrian women.  Watch this video covering UN Security Council Meeting about Syria.



(15Watch the following video clip which shows how Saudi rich and royals and Qatari rich and royals are preying on hapless Syrian refugee women and small girls in Jordanian camps made for Syrian refugees who have fled their country in view of Saudi Zionists sponsored war in Syria.  They enter these camps as in the guise of donars and kidnap young girls from these camps taking advantage of darkness. It is reported that when a woman resisted rape from these men, they burnt her camp.  The saudi rich and royal have transformed these camps as mass rape centers of hapless unprotected Syrian women. 


(16) Watch this shocking video showing horrific crimes committed by Salafi Zionists who are described by Western mainstream controlled media as Free Syrian Army.



(17) Watch this horrific video showing a Salafi FSA terrorist commander Khaled al Hammad eating the “heart” of a Syrian soldier after killing him.  The BBC has confirmed this brutality.